Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Inner Central Breakwater Landfill--Tuesday May 27, 2008-Tokyo Bay

"We believe in taking people out of extreme poverty, and Japan is more successful (in this task) than any other (country). We see this in Southeast Asia" and other regions, Bono, known for his philanthropic activities in Africa, said in Tokyo. "We need Japan to take (the) lead. You are very modest people, sometimes (you) do not step forward to take credit, but you should."

"Tomorrow, Prime Minister Fukuda will make a speech where we will find out how serious Japan is about taking leadership on (fighting poverty in Africa). He is a good man, a gentleman, and we will see how serious Japan is getting ready for the G8 Summit."

He was invited to the event, hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, because of his friendship with renowned architect Tadao Ando, an advocate of the Umi-no-Mori planting project.

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