Friday, November 12, 1999

Free Your Mind Award Acceptance Speech-11/12/1999-MTV European Music Awards

It's the Devil giving God an award, is it? Thank you to Mick. Thank you so much. It's gonna make me worse, you know, it's just gonna make me worse. You think I'm bad now. You're giving me a platform and I wanna use it to tell you something that, to tell the world something I'm not sure they know, which is... When I'm driving in my car and a man comes on the radio and he's telling me more and more about some useless information supposed to drive my imagination I can get some satisfaction... I'm getting satisfaction! I'm here with my people, I'm here with my brethern, and they're funky people! This city, Dublin City... funky people! Hmm, so... Thank you to Adam, Larry, Edge for letting me be in their band. Paul... thank you to (I missed the name) who ruined my life introducing me to Jubilee 2000. Thank you so much. God bless you!


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